Paul Gomez, indie comics, comic books, raginavc
Paul Gomez, indie comics, comic books, raginavc


“A Twilight Zone-esque story of a traumatized veteran reliving a series of major moments in his life within a fateful afternoon.”


  • Cover A – artist DJ Hall
  • Cover B – artist San Espina
  • Cover C – artist Jeff Meuth

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More About Writer Paul Gomez

Writer/Creator Paul Gomez was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. He is a first-time creator and of course, a fan for most of his life. Writers such as Charles Dickens and Edger Allen Poe were among his favorites growing up.

The comics that inspired him the most were X-Men and Valiant. Some of Paul’s favorite characters in comics are X-men’s Bishop and DC’s Robin. Above all, he is a proud father of three young men. Currently working on two more titles (Booshie Boo Circus Mysteries, and Mind Bender). He has also helped co-write and edit four other new creator books (Tales of the Four, Furi)

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Paul Gomez, indie comics, comic books, raginavc